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What We Provide

Hundreds of Tours and Activities Operators already trusted TravelionBE to power their Web, Mobile, and Point of Sales bookings and manage their business. TravelionBE is a great solution that covers all your needs.


Online Bookings

Instant Confirmation

Clients know when you’re available and can book accordingly.

Less Hassle

No more messy confirmation emails or return calls. Everything is more automated.


Online bookings and on-site bookings allow for your availability to always be correct, saving you time and money.

Fewer Barriers

Clients see your availability, book and pay online.

Multiple payment options

Credit card, Paypal, cash or others. It’s up to you.

Customisable Website


A diverse selection of templates to choose from.


Personalize your site to suit your brand with your logo and colors.

Search Engine Optimisation

Input keywords and description to increase your positioning in search engines.


Crisp and clean design websites that adapt to tablets, smartphones, and desktops.


User-friendly interface that allows anyone to create and make changes.

Google Analytics©

Analyse how your visitors behave on your website with Google Analytics© integration.


Products Management

Manage all Your Products

Create, edit and manage your tours/activities from a user-friendly interface.


Help your clients easily find your products.


Input your availability and pricing schedules for up to 12 months in advance.

Price Options

Create different price options for various categories.


Photos and videos without limits.

Make Adjustments

Edit whenever you need to make adjustments to your products.

Property Management

Manage all Your Properties

Create, edit and manage your properties from a user-friendly interface.


Help your clients easily find your properties.


Input your availability and pricing schedules for up to 12 months in advance.

Room Options

Create different room options for various categories.


Photos and videos without limits for your properties & room options.

Make Adjustments

Edit whenever you need to make adjustments to your properties.


Bookings Manager

Online or On-Site

All your reservations integrated into the solution.


Your availabilities are respected no matter where bookings come from.


Know from where your bookings came and who made them.

Consult bookings in calendar

See easily which activities have bookings.

Satisfy demands

Offer your clients the best service available.



Filter monthly, weekly and daily views of some, or all, of your activities.

Easy to read

A familiar layout that’s easy to read.

Immediate Update

The calendar updates with price options and bookings the moment a change is made.


Click directly on a slot to make necessary adjustments to that Price Option.


You can rebook and edit bookings by clicking on occupied slots.


Report & Dashboard

Intuitive Graphics and Charts

Bookings, Channels, Feedback and more in easily interpreted graphs and charts.


Real-time update notifications for bookings and reviews.


Information is treated in easy to read widgets.

Global View

Get a view of how your business is performing.


Export various reports to get more information about your business.

B2C Customer Portal

Advanced Search

Advance search by price, star ratings, availability, location or Supplier etc..


Highlight discounted deals for cross sales.

Trending Destinations

World wide trending destinations with categorization.

Customer Account

Customer Signup with saved searches, wishlist & booking history.

CMS Pages

Dynamic CMS pages & blocks for contents management.

Payment Gateway Integration

Supports multiple payment gateway integration based on client requirement.


Unlimited Suppliers

Unlimited Sellers

Your entire team can use the solution.

No Installation required

Being a cloud solution, anyone can log in from anywhere.

Advanced Internal Remarks

Control what kind of information is added to bookings, guaranteeing everyone “speaks the same language”.


Everyone working on the solution helps to maintain integrity since everything is done in the same place.

Unlimited Agents


Any external party can sell your activities.

Front End Access

Resellers around the globe can have real-time access to your availability.


You can associate contracts with resellers so you have up-to-date information about commissions.

Sales Channel

Your website can be used by a reseller as a sales channel to promote your services.

Unlimited Users

You can create as many resellers and reseller users you need.


Automated Notifications


Clients & back office staff receive an instant confirmation for bookings via email, SMS & dashboard notifications.


An email and dashboard notification is automatically sent to a client when booking status changed.

Payment Information

Emails can contain payment information for your clients.


“Completed” status sends a follow-up email requesting reviews.

Direct Reply

Clients respond directly to your inbox.

Social Network Login

Instant Registration

Clients quickly insert their information into a booking and go straight to payment options.

Highly Intuitive

Simply using social networks, clients quickly fill out their order with no hassle.


Your clients start and finish their booking in less than half the time of traditional form sheets.

Large coverage

The world’s largest social network and the world’s largest IT provider as simplifying the sales registration process.


Taxes & Cancellation

Tax Rates

Add multiple tax rates as per your targeted regions.

Tax Rules

Configure multiple tax rules to apply multiple taxes based on customer type or regions.

Cancellation rates

Add multiple cancellation rates based on the duration and regions.

Cancellation Rules

Configure multiple cancellation rules to apply multiple charges based on customer type or regions.

Accounting & Invoicing

Manage Ledgers for Customers and Partners

Print / Export customer and partners invoice and payment ledger in the software.

Receive Payment

Record all online & offline financial transactions for easy accounting

Credit Note & Debit Note

Adjust ledger accounts of customers and partners with credit and debit notes.

Invoice Print & Payment History

Print / Download invoices with payment history.


Channel Distribution

Channel Integration

Bookings coming from all channels respect the source availability.

Increased Reach

More clients from global distribution channels.


You can choose which channels you want to have your products on.

Easy Management

No longer worry about juggling various channels. It’s managed seamlessly in the solution.

Increase Sales

The global positioning means increased sales for your business.


TravelionBE users can cross-sell each other’s services, easily maintaining integration.

Mobile Apps

On the go

A powerful mobile companion to the TravelionBE solution.

Stay Connected

You are always in touch with your business.

In Sync

Receives and delivers information in real time with your base solution.

Multiple Devices Supported

Available on iOS and Android.


TravelionBE Support

Here for you

Need some help? TravelionBE’s team is here to help you!


We provide you with online help sessions so you can learn your way around the solution.

Tech Support

We take care of the technology, so you can focus on your clients.


We love to hear from you, so if you have any ideas or suggestions just let us know.