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How can a supplier create a product?

A product is a tour, activity, attraction ticket, or any other in-destination experience sold on the B2C front end website. Walking tours, off-road adventures, airport pickups, and cooking classes are just a few example products. When you create a product, be sure that it follows our product guidelines before submitting it for review.

    To create a product on Supplier Panel, follow these simple steps:

  • Login to the Supplier Panel (if it’s the first time, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred payment currency. Note: after clicking Save, this cannot be changed).
  • Click on the Products tab.
  • Click the Create a Product button.
  • Fill in the required information for each of the eight steps of the process. The Tool tips will guide you through each of the eight steps with helpful hints and tips.

After you have completed all the details, you can submit your product for review and manager published to our sites, where excited travelers can complete their bookings.

Information You’ll Need

    Create Product are simply divided into 8 Steps which are below:

  • Basic : Title, Travel Theme & Locations
  • Availability & Pricing : Per Group/Per person, Language & Cut off Time
  • Tour Options : Product Options, Date & Pricing
  • Descriptions : Summary, Details, Inclusion, Exclusion & Additional Info
  • Departure Info : Depart Point, Time, Address & Return Address
  • Images & Video : Multiple Images & Single Video
  • Settings : Passenger Required Info, Travel Info & Cancellation
  • Checklist : General Info Required for Product

Editing Your Products

You can make edits to your product in the Supplier side at any time, even after your product has been published to our sites. Simply go to the Products tab, click Manage Product Button on the product you want to revise, and then click the pencil Edit icon next to the appropriate section you want to revise.

How do bookings work?

When a customer books your product on B2C websites, they will receive an email with automatic confirmation of the reservation or pending confirmation of the reservation, depending on the booking confirmation method you’ve selected for your product.

    There are Two different booking confirmation methods available:

  • Instant confirmation – Bookings are instantly and automatically confirmed (recommended)
  • On Request – Bookings are instantly and automatically under the processing stage to a certain point before the tour/activity, then bookings must be accepted by the supplier.

All of your bookings are located in the Supplier Panel under the Bookings tab. Here you can view all your upcoming bookings, request cancellation, and see any On Request confirmation bookings you need to confirm. You can also search for specific bookings by product name, booking reference number, customer name, or tour/activity date using the search field.

Click the Contact button next to your bookings to contact customers or Customer Service.

How do Supplier set Product Pricing?

    To update the price of an existing product, sign in to the Supplier Panel and follow the below instructions.

  • Go to the Products tab.
  • Find the product you wish to edit and click Manage.
  • Select the Tour Options & Pricing section of the product.
  • To update an existing season and price:

  • Click the pencil icon across from your current operating days and pricing to update your existing prices or dates.
  • Enter your updated Net Rate and Suggested Retail Price
  • Click Save.

    To add a new season:

  • Click Add another Pricing Calendar.
  • Enter a Availability Name.
  • Enter your new Date Range.
  • NOTE: Make sure the dates do not overlap with an existing season

  • Enter your Suggested Retail Price”(the amount a customer will pay) for all age groups
  • Enter the Net Rate.
  • Choose the days of the week your experience operates.
  • Click Save.
How do Customers choose the best tour/activity?

    With so many amazing activities on B2C Website, we know it can be tough to choose! Here’s a good way to narrow it down:

  • Enter your destination (i.e. Paris, Tokyo, etc.) into the search box on B2C Website. From there, you can choose to view:
    • The main page for your destination, which features our most popular tours and activities in that place
    • Specific activities in your destination.
    • Attraction and recommendation pages, which include insider tips about the top things to do in your destination.
  • You can also use the left navigation bar to look at types of activities in a particular destination, such as food tours, helicopter rides, etc.
How do customers check availability?

Customers can check availability at any time by beginning the booking process. Don’t worry – customers won’t be committed to your booking until after you’ve entered your credit card details and confirm the purchase!

For tours where we still need to wait for confirmation, the date will show available if the tour operator is operating on that date, but we can’t guarantee availability until you receive your confirmation Email.

How can customers get a receipt for my booking?

A receipt for your booking will be automatically emailed to the customer when Customer places a booking.

If a customer needs the details of bookings, Customer needs to use the Bookings link on the top on B2C Website. Customers will be asked to log in. If Customer never sets up your password, or can’t remember it, you can reset your password.

Pricing details can be found under View Details.

How can Customer reset B2C Customer account password?

If you are having difficulty logging into your customer account, you can create a password and/or reset your password at any time by going.

Simply enter the e-mail address that your account is associated with and select submit. A verification email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password. Please ensure you check your junk mail folder as well as our emails are occasionally routed there in error.

How do Customers cancel booking?

We get it, plans change! In most cases, customers can cancel booking for a full refund up to 1 day before Tour/activity. However, please check the “Terms and Conditions” section of your ticket for the detailed cancellation policy for specific activity.

    To cancel booking:

  • Click on Bookings in the customer panel of B2C website.
  • You will be asked to login to your account.
  • Once logged in, find the booking you need to adjust.
  • In the booking details, you will see links where you can print your ticket/Invoice, cancel your booking.
  • Click the Cancel Booking button.
  • You will see the price paid along with the refund amount due prior to cancellation. Once you are ready to cancel, click Cancel Booking.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your cancellation request has been completed.
What does the message ‘This product is currently unavailable’ mean?

While looking through our tours and activities, you may run across some that are not currently available. They will be labeled that states ‘This product is currently unavailable. This could be for reasons including its out of season, currently sold out, or no longer operating.’

    There are several reasons you may be seeing this, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Sold Out : Some of our products have very limited availability, so this message may appear once a product is sold out for the near future.
  • Product Not Operating : Sometimes this error will appear when the product is no longer operating. This could be temporary, but may also be permanent.